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Rhymney Brewery Ltd was the first, and still is the only, fully integrated small beer / lager brewery in Wales. At our inception in November 2004, we sought to maintain total control of the quality of our range of beers and therefore invested heavily in the purchase and installation of a fully-automatic bottling plant – the first of its kind in the U.K. This allowed us to produce three quite separate ranges of product – cask ale for public houses, bottled beer (filtered) for National retailers and right in-between, mini-kegs (5 litre) naturally carbonated under pressure, for home consumption / parties. Rhymney Brewery Ltd took a calculated risk starting off as we did, our innovative approach to our modus operandi has resulted in our bottled product winning many awards from the industry and our peers – culminating in the triumph of our Rhymney Dark winning ‘Champion Beer of Wales’ at the CAMRA annual Real Ale competition 2008, and taking home ‘Bronze’ in the Mild Category of the ‘Great British Beer Festival 2008’, held in Earl’s Court, London.

bottling machine

Bottling plant, on a realistic, ‘workable’ scale simply did not exist in Wales and therefore all micro-breweries, including our new venture, were missing out on vital bottle beer markets. The industry was backed into a cask only, cottage industry corner with little hope for advancement. This advancement was seen as vital to the future success of Rhymney Brewery Ltd. The business model proposed relied on the micro-brewery breaking into previously uncharted markets of National retailers via bottled products. So Rhymney Brewery Ltd began to seek its solution and found it – in Italy. The fully-automatic bottling plant became the first of its kind in the U.K. By sourcing a bottling plant suitable for the production requirements of Rhymney Brewery Ltd the success of the new venture took a giant leap forward and the ambition of advancement was realised. The company also took great pleasure in not only providing a solution to their own operational issues, but in providing a possible solution for every other micro-brewer in the U.K. The industry now had a lead to follow.

The bottling of beers allowed the company to expand its product range thus initiating a wide scope of market and industry exposure. Our beers have been regularly scrutinised by peers of the brewing industry through the multitude of competitions and festivals associated with the brewing of real ales.

The brewery has been created and developed using a business framework and ethos of ‘Efficiency’. The bottling plant is marketed as state-of-the-art technology with minimal waste and a highly reliable operating mechanism which mass fills at speed, reducing the time required for the plant to be in operation at any one time, thereby reducing energy use and wastage.

These benefits are also extended to customers for whom we provide bottling services, thereby ensuring that the environmentally friendly working ethos is passed on through the industry. Any monetary savings incurred as a result mean that the overheads for the brewery are lowered and therefore we are able to pass the savings on to our customers through our competitively priced products and services. We have been able to extend the benefits of our innovative solution to an industry wide problem beyond the obvious and immediate. The bottling plant has enabled us to considerably lessen our carbon footprint



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